Group Therapy


Group therapy provides the unique experience to feel heard and understood not only by your psychologist but also by your peers.

Sharing about yourself and your struggles in a group can feel scary and intimidating at first. As groups go on, typically a sense of cohesion and togetherness develops that enables members to share freely and openly with their group members. 

Group counselling offers the potential benefit of realizing that you are not alone in what you are going through. It offers the potential to feel part of a group that understands, accepts, and shares in your struggle.

When considering the possibility of group, individuals often fear that they will be judged, rejected, thought of as "messed up," or pitied by other group members. Often times, individuals worry about saying the wrong thing, sounding stupid, or being the center of attention. These are common and valid concerns. Group requires a certain amount of vulnerability, which can feel very risky to some.  

However, part of the power of group comes from feeling the care and support of your fellow group members when you share about your struggle. Similarly, listening to others share about similar experiences, thoughts, feelings, worries, and fears can feel very validating. 

A group counsellor works together with the group members to create a safe space where each person can feel comfortable sharing openly among trusted others who are going through similar experiences. 

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of group therapy please explore which groups Stillar Psychological is currently offering. 

If there is a group that you were hoping to attend but that isn't listed on the website, please contact us to let us know there is a need. We are happy to try to initiate new groups based on clients wants and needs.

Groups Offered

EFFT Caregiver Group


For caregivers supporting a loved one with a mental illness or emotional issues. Appropriate for caregivers of children across the lifespan.

Emotion Regulation Group


For individuals who would like to learn skills to regulate their emotions. 

Shame Resiliency Group


For women who are struggling with feeling not good enough. This group focuses on combating shame and learning skills for self-acceptance. 

Road to Recovery Group


For women who are struggling with an eating issues and/or an eating disorder. 


If you are interested in a group counselling in Edmonton but don't feel quite ready to fully commit, please contact us to discuss your questions and concerns.

Alternatively, if there are therapy groups you would like to attend but don't see listed here, please let us know. We are happy to try to initiate new groups based on clients wants and needs.