Road to Recovery Group

General Information

Eating disorders can be isolating and difficult to explain to or share about with others. 

Group therapy for eating disorders offers the opportunity to hear from others who are struggling with the same concerns as you. Group also offers the opportunity to share about your struggles with people who can personally understand what you are going through. 

Unlike individual counselling, group therapy offers the potential to benefit from both receiving and giving support. The group facilitator works collaboratively with the group members to cultivate a safe space that allows group members to feel comfortable being open and honest about their inner feelings, thoughts, and struggles. 

Learn More

To learn more about eating disorders go to our blog where we have an entire section dedicated to posts about eating disorder awareness. 

What will I get from this group?

This group will focus on a variety of topics and skills related to eating disorders, including: emotional awareness and regulation, understanding cycles that fuel the eating disorder symptoms, practical skills to re-structure unhelpful cycles or patterns that perpetuate the illness. The group will also provide you with a place to talk openly and honestly about your fears, hopes, worries, and struggles in life. 

Duration & Length

The group will consist of  10 sessions. 

The sessions will occur twice per month. 

Each  session will be 2 hours long. 

Type of Group

This will be a closed group, which means that once the group begins new members will not be able to join the group. 


This group will take place on Monday afternoons from 3:00-5:00pm, twice per month.

October 8th & 22nd 2018 

November 5th & 19th 2018

December 3rd & 17th 2018

January 7th & 21st 2019

February 4th & 18th 2019


The group will consist of 3-6 people. 


Each session will cost $50.00


If you have any questions about what will be covered in the group, the details of when the group will run etc., or the cost of the group, please contact us for more information.