Supporting Your Loved One Using An Emotion-Focused Approach

Workshop Information


This workshop is aimed to teach parents and caregivers practical strategies to support their child or loved one.


Caring for a loved one with mental health concerns, emotional regulation difficulties, or angry outbursts is very stressful, overwhelming, and terrifying. 

Often, caregivers blame themselves, feel guilty, are afraid of making things worse, and are unsure of what to say or do. This commonly leaves caregivers feeling as though they are walking on eggshells and results in them doing just about anything to avoid another blow up. 

This workshop aims to teach caregivers practical skills to support their child/loved one emotionally as well as behaviourally.

Who Can Attend?

Caregivers, family members, spouses, parents of children, adolescents and adult children, and other supporting individuals – whether or not they are involved in active treatment.


Next Group Date TBD 

Our hope

It is our hope that participants leave this workshop with:

  • A more in depth understanding of how emotions and emotional avoidance may play a role in their loved one’s mental health struggles 
  • Practical skills to emotionally and behaviorally support their loved one
  • Skills to repair and/or strengthen their relationship with their loved one 
  • A stronger belief in their own ability to care for and support their loved one